From concept to protoype and patents, to failed attempts and fresh starts, French Tip Dip has been in constant evolution to becoming one of the most innovative tools on the market for solving the should be simple problem of achieving the elegant lines of the French Manicure.

You may recognize us from industry tradeshows, major magazine publications, television shopping networks, national television commercials, or numerous sites online. 

Our patented French Tip Dip tool and kits are made locally in Las Vegas, USA, while our polish and kit components are puposefully and carefully sourced and manufactured in the USA. All of our product is packaged, inspected, and shipped via our local warehouse with the highest in customer care and end user satisfaction in mind.

Complete with bright lights and world famous attractions Las Vegas has a thriving business community and is a fantastic place to call home for tradeshows and networking opportunities. Hope to see you here sometime!

For more information please contact us at 1.800.713.0382